Kerala Technological University (KTU) in line with AICTE guidelines has restructured B.Tech courses and introduced for the first time B.Tech Honors and B.Tech Minor degree programmes in the state of Kerala.

The credit score system for obtaining a degree has undergone a major change. The credit score has been reduced from 182 to 162 thus enabling students to save more time to do internship programmes to enhance their skills. The pass marks have also been changed from 45 to 40 on removing the minimum marks needed for internal assessment.


B.Tech (Honours)

This programme is a good choice for academically excellent students. Those who score 20 credits or more than what is required for obtaining B.Tech will be awarded the honours degree.

B.Tech (Minors)

Students can now specialize in other streams of engineering other than the ones they are currently pursuing. Students can enroll from third semester onwards. Minors will be awarded to those who have scored 12 credits in three different subjects and eight credits online in at least two different subjects. 



B.Voc. is useful for those who find it difficult to pursue B.Tech. Students who achieve the minimum credit score can continue with other job-oriented courses and will be awarded B.Voc. after course completion.


Four months internship programme has been introduced between semesters 5 & 7 in various commercial and industrial establishments to develop the employable skills of the students.