Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Department of PRSCET stands out as a flagship Department of the College which attract students from far away places by virtue of its high academic and infrastructural standards. The Dept. has well experienced Faculty, Lab equipment and other facilities which are keeping with that of an Engineering College of high repute. All efforts are taken to give the students sufficient exposure in emerging areas by way of invited lectures, projects, industry-institute interaction etc. The Mechanical Engineering Association, ‘Revolution Of Mexianz (ROM)’, has been contributing greatly in this regard.

The Department already has very strong infrastructural facilities including latest CAD/CAM packages and CNC Machines.

Mechanical engineers are involved in research, development, design,manufacture, and maintenance of almost all varieties of machinery, equipment and tools, ranging from Ships, Air Planes, Rockets, Robots, Bio-medical equipment and household appliances like Refrigerators and Air Conditioners. Mechanical engineers are behind the design and development of engines, vehicles, agricultural and mining equipment. Thus, the great diversity of applications of Mechanical Engineering indicates that engineers of this branch are much sought after in almost all industries.

The fast growing Automobile Industry in India places very large number of Mechanical engineers at covetable positions every year.

Mechanical Engineers have established themselves as good programmers and they are very much in demand in Software industries too.