Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is the most versatile and single largest branch among all the Engineering Branches with a lot of diversity. It can be considered as the profession in which knowledge of the mathematical and physical sciences gained by study, experience and practice is applied with judgment to develop ways to utilize economically the materials and forces of the nature for the progressive well-being of man. The Department of Civil Engineering was established in PRSCET in the year 2005. The department actively pursues students to address the challenges faced by Civil Engineers in the 21st century. It encompasses well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty who motivates and guides students in their overall development. Well-equipped laboratories help students to interact with the field and gain experience. Technical talks and workshops organized frequently give them exposure to latest technological developments. Academic performance of the students for the past years ranks top among the colleges under the Kerala University and Kerala Technical University. The department also plays a very active role in rural housing services for the Perumkadavila Block Panchayath. Students from other Engineering College use our Laboratory facility for M.Tech thesis works and our Qualified Staff assist them. Job opportunities of Civil Engineers are the greatest and all our passed out students are employed in India and abroad. We also assist the students in GATE coaching and PSC Examinations.

Faculty in Civil Engineering

Prof. C. Prince
Professor and Head
Department of Civil Engineering

Former HOD, Dept. of Civil Engg., College of Engineering, Trivandrum.
Professor, Direct Payment, Department of Technical Education, Trivandrum

Qualification : M.Sc Engg.
Experience :  39 years

Prof. Alex K. George
Department of Civil Engineering

Professor & HOD of Rajas Engineering College, Nagercoil, K.K. District
Principal Jaya Matha Engineering College, Nagercoil, K.K. District
Dean Jaya Matha Engineering College, Nagercoil, K.K. District
Professor of Government Engineering College (Rtd.), Trivandrum

Qualification : M. Sc Engg.
Experience :   45 years

Faculty List
Sl.No. Name Designation UG Degree PG Degree Doctorate Degree Other Qualification Experience
1 Krishna Prasad Asst Prof B.Tech. M.Tech 01
2 Prof. Alex K. George Professor B.E. M.Sc. (Engg.) 45
3 Sheeba Kumari J S Asst.Prof. B.Tech. M.Tech. 6
4 Assa J V Asst.Prof. B.Tech. M.E. 5
5 Nikhil Nath V.S Asst Prof B.Tech. M.E. 6
6 Poornima S R Asst.Prof. B.Tech. M.Tech. 1
7 Lekshmi G Asst.Prof. B.Tech. M.Tech. 1
8 Ajesh S Asst.Prof. B.Tech. M.Tech. 1
9 Jijithra J J Asst. Prof. (NC) B.Tech. DCE 1
10 Archana S.S Asst Prof  B.Tech. M.Tech. 2 years experience (1 year Industry experience)
11 Aswathy Sreekumaran Asst. Prof. (NC) B.Tech.
12 Athul G L Asst. Prof. (NC) B.Tech.
13 Jitheesh C S Asst. Prof. (NC) B.Tech. 2
14 Aswathy Vijayan A Asst. Prof. (NC) B.Tech. 2
15 Prof. Murugan R Visiting Faculty B.Sc. (Engg.) FIE 39
16 Prof. Sabari Rathen M Visiting Faculty B.Tech. M.Tech. 10
17 Prof. Gracen J Panicker Visiting Faculty B.Sc. (Engg.) 34