Robotics Club

Co-ordinator: Renjish George(Department of ECE)

Assistant Co-ordinator : Anoop S S (Department of CSE)

e-Yantra TBT Winners

Faculty team from PRSCET has secured CLASS B Award in Task Based Training(TBT) on Robotics  conducted  as a part of e-yantra project by IIT BOMBAY . CLASS B Award is for those colleges which complete all the six tasks on ROBOTICS given by IIT Bombay within stipulated time. 

Our faculty team is also awarded with Merit Certificates for successfully completing CHALLENGE “PLANT GROWTH MONITORING ROBOT” given by IIT Bombay. We are one of the top 4 teams who are eligible for such an achievement.

Video link of CHALLENGE completed by our team.

Video link:

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As part of Quboticx , a workshop has been conducted at SFS secondary school Vizhinjam.