Varsha Mohanan, Aparna Prakash, Asha A S

Abstract:- The power distribution monitoring is an important research in electric power systems and electricity stealing defense is one of the chief step in distribution network reconstruction. Electricity stealing is a long term problem, however each power supply department has made a huge investments of man power and material, the phenomenon of defending stealing electricity has increased and not abated and the method of electricity. Theft is continuously increasing and improving. So here we introduce AMIT System to detect power theft and thereby tripping the power during theft, automatically.




         Dinesh Mohan M S, Gokul G A, Agesh Rose W

Abstract:-Now a day, battery Inverters and diesel generators are most commonly used backup source in almost every residential and commercial building. The backup inverters are connected between source and load to protecting sensitive loads against incoming supply disturbance like voltage dips. This system may be cost effective solution for protection of highly sensitive loads. If the main supply fails, the backup inverters are automatically turned ON and thus maintaining the supply in the system. The inverter circuits are provided with protection such as protection from over current, over voltage etc. in order to protect the inverter circuit, but there is no leakage protection. RCCB which is connected to the mains is the commonly used protective device to protect the humans from hazardous shock occurring due to leakage current or other unhealthy conditions occurs in the system. Even these protective devices are available, there exist a problem that is, if a short circuit or any other unhealthy conditions occurs in the system after supply fails and inverter is in action, the user who comes in contact with the circuit can get hazardous shock because the RCCB fails to do its duty. This project aims at developing such an RCCB which will comes into an action even if any fault occurs in the system after main supply fails and backup inverter is in action. A micro controller based residual current circuit breaker is proposed here which can detect any fault in any condition. The proposed hardware architecture and sensors form a low-cost and reliable control unit.




        Ajeesh M, Geethu G I, Kavya Pramod M

Abstract:-The wireless communication technology and its development have progressed a lot in the various fields of study, but none so more than in the field of wireless network. Among the various research areas and applications of this technology is Body Area Network which can be defined as a miniature network consisting of sensors operating mainly on or around the human body. Technological advancements in devices with features like low cost, low size, ultra low power consumption and emission, with more reliable communication expands the span of usage scenarios and applications especially in health care and monitoring. A Smart Life Band can monitor health condition such as pulse rate, temperature and pressure. This Life band can be used as a remote rescue system. In short it act as a safety band. If the band detect any threatening vital reading, the SIM synced with the band will automatically calls their relatives. The persons health conditions will displayed in this life band through a display. A GSM module is used for making call to relatives and locate the person at any threatening conditions.